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The Art of Browsing

One of the functions of a classification system like the Dewey Decimal System is to group together similar items. Each call number refers to a subject area; the longer the number, the more specific the subject. For example, any items in the range of 650-659 fall under the general heading of “Management,” while the number 658.4092 specifically refers to “Leadership.” So what this means to you is – there might be really useful items just to the left or right, or one shelf up or down from where you are looking. Here’s another example: Books about specific Impressionist painters are in the 759.4 call number, but there is a more general book about French Impressionism at 759.054 and a book about the history of Impressionism at 759.914. Now these books are a few shelves away from each other, so it’s worth your time to have a look around. You may also discover a book about a very cool Impressionist painter that you’ve never heard of, a book that just sort of jumped out at you from a row above where you were looking. So click here for library hours, then come in and browse.

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