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Use a database to find a journal article (or a video, or a legal case, or a pamphlet from 1838)

Databases are search tools that help you find articles in journals. Databases like JSTOR and Academic Search Premier contain articles from many different academic fields. Some disciplines, like Psychology and Education, have their own databases, PsychInfo and ERIC. To investigate which databases may be useful to you, start at the Research by Subject page and select your area of study; the relevant databases are listed right there with descriptions. You may also want to check out some other databases that contain different types of resources: images, videos, TV news transcripts, opinion polls, historical documents, music, and more! You never know when something like that may be useful for a project. Here are a few examples:

  • Lexis-Nexis is a huge database that contains all sorts of sources – company reports and directories, legal resources, news transcripts, international news, biographical info, and a ton more.
  • Music Online is a searchable database of streaming audio and liner notes for more than 75,000 American, classical and global songs from many genres.
  • Women and Social Movements covers American women’s history from 1600-2000 and includes primary source materials (pamphlets, photos, audio recordings, etc).

Take a look through the alphabetical list of databases with descriptions; you will be surprised by all the interesting resources there.

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