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Scholarly, Peer-reviewed, Academic Journals. What are they exactly?

It’s that time of the term when you get the assignment to find articles from scholarly journals. Your assignment may refer to them as peer-reviewed journals or academic journals or even refereed journals. While there are small differences between these terms, don’t sweat it. They basically all refer to articles written by one or more scholars or researchers, usually reporting the results of a study or of research. When the author submits the article to be published, his or her peers – other experts in that field of study (for example – Economics, East Asian Studies, Nuclear Physics) – review the work to verify that it contributes to the knowledge in that field and that sound research practices were followed. Here are two examples of what the articles from scholarly journals look like:

journal of Fish Biology

For more detailed information on this topic, check out the Help With Research page on the Library web site.

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