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Kindles available at the library

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Oesterle Library has purchased 6 Kindle e-Book readers that will begin circulating to North Central College students,
faculty, and staff during fall term 2012. The initiative was launched at the request of President Hal Wilde, who suggested
that campus community members would enjoy and benefit from access to the technology.

Borrowers may select from three Kindle Fires and three Kindle Touches, each of which has been loaded with a themed
reading list. The themes are:

Kindle 1: Books that have been or are currently being made into movies, such as Shannon Hale’s Austenland and
Max Brooks’ World War Z

Kindle 2: Books about celebrating living sustainably, including vegetarian cookbooks and green crafting ideas

Kindle 3: Books to prepare readers for the November election, such as Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars and Michael Kranish’s The Real Romney

Kindle 4: Popular classics (This theme was recommended by Oesterle Library’s student assistants)

Kindle 5: Current biographies, including Bossypants by Tina Fey and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Kindle 6: Young adult literature, such as the Hunger Games trilogy and the first two installments of the Divergent trilogy.

Kindles will circulate for two weeks and may not be renewed. A waitlist is available at the Information Services Desk. A title search for “Kindle” in CardinalCat will bring up the records of each of the six devices and their availability. All of the titles loaded to each device are listed under “Table of Contents.” If you’d like to check out a Kindle, just stop by the Information Services Desk.