Oesterle Library News

Spring 2010 Community Publications

Visit the library’s Community Publications display in the library lobby, next to the copy room entrance, to see this term’s featured publications from members of the North Central College community.  This term’s publications are:

de Brauw, Michael. “Aeschines,” “Figures of Speech in Classical Rhetoric,”  “Greek Funeral Orations,”  “Greek Oratory,” “Lysias,” “Panegyric,”  and “Speechwriting in Ancient Greece.” Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, 2010.

Gems, Gerald. “The City” Routledge Companion to Sports History, 2010.

Jack, Zachary. Iowa: The Definitive Collection, 2009.

Koenig, Wendy. “The Heroic Generation: Fictional Socialist Realist Painter in the Work of Ilya Kabakov.” Southeastern College Art Conference Review, 2009.

Schacht, Patricia M. with Cummings, E. Mark; Davies, Patrick T. “Fathering in Family Context and Child Adjustment: A Longitudinal Analysis.” Journal of Family Psychology, December, 2009.

Turnquist ‘11, Erin E. Just Singin’ My Song. 2009.

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