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Oesterle Gallery Hosts Nancy Rosen Exhibit

The Oesterle Gallery displays an exhibit from artist Nancy Rosen from October 12 through November 14. “Collected Works” features painted artwork full of color and depictions of women that demonstrate her attraction to fabric and texture.

As always, the gallery is open to the public during library hours and admission is free.

One Response to “Oesterle Gallery Hosts Nancy Rosen Exhibit”

  1. Emily Prather Says:

    This is a great, colorful exhibit.

    Did you know that Oesterle Library has some great books about other female artists and about how women have been depicted in art throughout history? Women, Art, and Society by Whitney Chadwick (https://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/ncc/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&v1=1&BBRecID=81292) was one of my textbooks when I was in college.